Emma Hack’s 30th Anniversary Edition II

‘Owl of the Woods'

This is Emma Hack's 30 year Anniversary of her first body painting, a true pioneer of the art form we see today. As a gift to collectors and followers of her work she is offering a second, VERY special release valid until Wednesday July 29th, 2020.

A beautiful, signed artwork, valued at over $5400 for only $490 AUD.

Emma's muse rests within dark woods, Light streams through a path in the distance, a Barn Owl rests on her hand looking up at her in curiosity.

This artwork was body painted over 13 hrs application and is a dramatic 'blend' of her muse into her hand-painted background. The installation was then photographed by Emma for the final result.

'Thank you to all my friends, fans and family that helped me along my journey I do hope you take the opportunity to own this iconic, beautiful piece of my work to add to your collection and treasure it for the years to come’

Emma Hack